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Generic drugs allow access to a safe, effective and quality medicine,
this way help more people in more places to live healthier and longer.


CAPGEN was established in Buenos Aires on December 13, 1999 as a nationwide non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness about generic medicines and, through different supporting activities, at creating a true generic medicine culture at the core of the Argentinean society. This way, promoting access to high quality generic drugs to a broader portion of the population.

The Association also represents and stands for the best interests of the Argentinean pharmaceutical manufacturers that produce drugs for hospital use.

Our mission is to bring to reality a high quality generic medicines pharmaceutic industry that can cover both State and Patients’ needs, at a lower cost, thus contributing to gain access to medicines at reasonable prices to a larger portion of the population.

CAPGEN members may be pharmaceutical laboratories or technology development companies whose main activity lies in the generic drug field within Argentina.

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